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Elevator electric furnaces СЕОА

Elevator electric furnaces СЕОА

Elevator furnace from Ukrainian manufacturer Ltd. "Bortek" allow practical spending roasting and hardening of the largest products and containers. And also this construction is suitable for annealing in an oxidizing or non-oxidizing atmosphere, used for carburizing of metals, sintering, enamelling, firing ceramic products, metallization and soldering parts of any size

Elevator furnace - is a thermal electric furnace, which are placed at a height of several meters above the floor. The furnace construction still stands on an overpass or on the columns that are based on the foundation. For moving workpiece in the furnace is designed mobile hearth (container), which welling up and goes down in the furnace chamber by the electric drive. Loading and unloading of the movable hearths (containers) is performed outside the furnace (Per one furnace there may be several in the presence of tracks). After the heat treatment (annealing mostly) container is lowered again to the level plant floor and unload workpieces.

Explanation of markings:  СЕОА – X1.X2.X3 / T   or  СЕОА – X4.X3 / T   where is,    

С  – type of heating – the resistance electric furnace;
Е  – main constructive sign – elevator-type;
О  – atmosphere in the working space – oxidizing atmosphere (air);
А  – aggregate
[X1 - width. X2- length. X3 - height] or [X4 - diameter. X3 - height] – the size of the camera in decimeters (1 dm = 100 mm);
T – nominal temperature in hundreds of °C

БОРТЕК® develop and manufactured electrothermal equipment for different purposes and constructions. Provides Repair, Parts Replacement and Maintenance of electric furnaces. And also, is accepting applications for Production of Optional Equipment.
Please send your technical specifications for e-mail: bortek@ukr.net 

Appearance Type Maximum t, °С Size of workspace, mm Power, kW


Material of working chamber:
И2 – stainless steel

Furnace settings can be changed by additional agreement with the Customer
Elevator electric furnaces СЕОА
СЭО – 10.12.10/6 600 1000 × 1200 × 1000 30
СЭО – 9.30/12 1200 700 × 3000 75
СЭО – 10.8.6/6 600 1000 × 800 × 600 25
СЭОА – 10.10.38/6 И2 with fan 600 1000 × 1000 × 3800 150
СЭО – 11.11.9/5,5 550 1100 × 1100 × 900 30
СЭОА – 11,5.11,5.45/6 И2
1150 × 1150 × 4500
СЭОА – 11,5.13,5.12/6 И2 600 1150 × 1350 × 1200 60
СЭО – 11.30.14/6 600 1100 × 3000 × 1400 70
СЭО – 12.12.10/5,5 550 1200 × 1200 × 1000 50
СЭОА – 14.14.33/6 И2 with fan 600 1200 × 4200 155
СЭО – 15.12.6/6 with fan 600 1500 × 1200 × 600 55

Following describes the process of working Elevator furnace СЕОА – 11,5.11,5.45/6 И2 with fan:

This furnace is made by customer's specifications for tempering and hardening large aluminum products (with the fast moving into the quenching bath). 

Elevator electric furnace is a rectangular stainless steel chamber mounted on the overpass, at the height of 3-4 meters above the plant floor. Products for heat treatment, are installed in a perforated loading container, which stands under the furnace on the carriage for moving. Furnace door installed at the lower side of the heating chamber and is opened for loading / unloading of products in a furnace (Fig.1). With the help of electric drive the loading container rises in the furnace by sliding the workpieces into the furnace chamber (Fig. 2). The door is closed and workpieces is located in the furnace until the end of heat treatment. Construction of the loading perforated container agreement with the Customer, and it is made of heat-resistant steel (Fig. 3)

After TEMPERING workpieces is removed from the furnace in reverse order (Fig. 4).
(Fig.1)       (Fig.2)   (Fig.3)   (Fig.4)

To perform HARDENING workpieces was kept at the temperature of 550 °C. Meanwhile, moving the quench bath on the carriage below the furnace. Door of the furnace is closed (Fig. 5). Then, the furnace door is opened by electric drive and workpieces moves into the quenching bath. This construction provides fastest moving of products in the quench bath for 10 seconds (Fig. 6).

 (Fig.5)  (Fig.6)

Electric furnace system is equipped with automatic temperature control on the basis of solid-state relays and contactless microprocessor-based temperature controllers, witch allowing Set the Temperature, Temperature Set Speed, and workpieces Holding Time at this temperature. For heating the furnace are used heating spirals of stainless shell. They are placed on all sides (in high temperature furnaces) or located only four sides on the walls. Automatic control system controls the atmosphere in the furnace and maintains the desired temperature in each heating zone accurate to 5 °C. Air circulation is carried out in a vertical plane. The furnace is lined with modern energy-efficient insulation materials, providing a low heat capacity of the furnace and low energy losses. Placement of the remote control - stands on the floor, the cable length is consistent separately. 

For furnace services (access to the heaters, to the mechanism of recovery workpieces or circulation fan) is supposed to use mobile ladder on the overpass. Electric drive is installed on the upper side of the furnace. Same place installed a circulating fan, which provides uniform heating of the workpieces (Fig. 7).


Elevator furnace СЕОА – 11,5.11,5.45/6 И2 and control panels
in a real form  (Fig.8)

This type is recommended for electric plants serial and mass production. Elevator electric furnace take up less space than the chamber furnaces with roll-out hearth. There may be changes in the construction of elevator furnace. Furnace is universal in achieving any heat modes depending on the size of workpieces and its chemical composition. This furnace design inherent speed heating mode due to low load. Elevator furnaces are comfortable for use with conventional furnace atmospheres or creating a protective atmosphere. Working space sealed by sand shutters and ensures minimum flow of protective atmosphere. Furnaces can be periodic or continuous type, they especially comfortable for long thermal processes.

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Elevator electric furnace СЕОА-11,5.11,5.45/6 И2 with fan
Electric furnace for tempering and hardening pipes of aluminum alloys (with the fast moving into the quenching bath).      Electric furnace system is equipped with: •   automatic temperature control on the basis of solid-state relays and contactless microprocessor-base..
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