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Stainless Steel Deep Water Well Borehole Screen

Stainless Steel Deep Water Well Borehole Screen

Stainless Steel Mesh Filters for Deep Drilling Wells - BORTEK®

Description: The downhole filter is the lowest section of the casing, which prevents large particles of soil from entering the structure and provides clean water with free access to the casing. The filter for drilling wells is not subject to corrosion, based on a perforated pipe made of stainless steel, stainless mesh, stainless wire and stainless fasteners. It forms a rigid element that has high strength and minimal weight. On request, the filter is made of durable food grade plastic.

Scope: for drilling deep-water intake wells that require mechanical filtration, if necessary in sand, gravel, shells; drinking water.

Condition: new
Country of manufacture: Ukraine, Boryspil, Bortek Ltd.
Brand Name: BORTEK®
Certification: ISO

Filter material: stainless pipe, stainless woven mesh
Casing material: stainless steel, food grade plastic (on request)
Connection Type: Ruff

Availability in stock: in stock.
Packing: on request.
Payment Terms: Bank Transfer
Delivery terms: shipment after 100% payment, by self-pickup or carrier company.

Name Dimensions of the filter part
Stainless Steel Drilling Filter for Well     Ø 33, length 1 meter
672,00 UAH
Ø 40, length 1 meter 780,00 UAH
Ø 50, length 1 meter
1140,00 UAH
Ø 33, length 1,5 meter 1032,00 UAH
Ø 40, length 1,5 meter 1140,00 UAH
Ø 50, length 1,5 meter 1776,00 UAH
Ø 33, length 2 meter 1350,00 UAH
Ø 40, length 2 meter 1548,00 UAH
Ø 50, length 2 meter   2352,00 UAH
Drilling Filter for Well  based on a plastic pipe Ø 125, length 2 meter, pipe length 3 meters Specify the price


In most cases, water is extracted from sandy aquifers or other unstable rocks. The drill filter protects the walls from shedding and collapse of the barrel.
It is also called the working section - this is the lowest element of the casing, which limits the ingress of any small particles of sand into the well.
Must remember! The filter life for the well determines the life of the well as a whole!
Choose a quality product!


• use in almost all cohesive and disconnected soils;
• protection against penetration of root tissues into the well string;
• corrosion resistance;
• non-susceptibility to fouling with hardness salts;
• high mechanical strength;
• high resistance to destruction;
• high load capacity;
• support pipes can be made of stainless steel or carbon steel
• simplicity of design;
• ease of installation;
• the possibility of manufacturing filters from 1 to 6 meters;
• filtering speed;
• high quality purification from suspended solids;
• extended well life without regeneration.

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