About Us

"Bortek" Ltd. was founded in 1994. After a period of searching its "place in the sun" two activities were selected: the development and production of electro-thermal equipment and equipment for water purification - water disinfection with sodium hypochlorite, softening, iron removal. Request customers have changed over time, so in order to survive, had to master release of new products, including equipment for painting products with polymer paints, wood-drying equipment and heat generators for wood waste. Currently, all of the selected destinations are alive, and "Price" of the enterprise - dozens of types of products.

The present time also contributes to the modernization of production, development of new products and improve their competitive performance. The company has made renewal of machinery equipment, especially purchased and launched the cutting machine for laser sheet metal, creates a line of paint products with polymeric powder coating, thus improving the manufactured products and create new patterns. As a result of the use of modern materials and original design solutions significantly reduce energy consumption of industrial furnaces.


Our company operates as a worldwide and in Ukraine. Our experts have been established manufacturing system of European quality products.

We work with a number of countries:

(France, Spain, Germany, England, Italy, Portugal, Poland), the CIS (Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan) and Asia (Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Mongolia). They always will assist in preparing the documentation, pick up the required type of product, the best variant, and will assist in the ordering process.

The advantages that the company has "Bortek" are terms of manufacturing, fast delivery of cargo, as well as the existence of a system of flexible tariffs for products. The professionalism of managers, the presence of a network of partners, as well as individual approach to the customer - the company's top priority.

Our main advantages:

  • Unique internal structure of the company, allowing the most complete approach to solving the tasks set by customers;
  • The team of highly qualified professionals who will help resolve any issues;
  • Our team has over 20 years experience in the market.



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