Cooperation with MESA Electronic (Germany)

Cooperation with MESA Electronic (Germany)

Cooperation with MESA Electronic (Germany)

4 positive days were spent at the international industrial exhibition together with our friends and partners from MESA Electronic. We talked about new developments of БОРТЕК™ and innovations in automation and management of heat treatment processes from MESA (Germany)!
Now, according to your requirement, our equipment can be equipped with German temperature sensors, gas analyzers, systems for measuring and monitoring carbon potential in furnaces with gas medium in AUTOMATIC mode. Quality is guaranteed!
And we - БОРТЕК™, by the way, are the only official dealers of MESA in Ukraine.


Who are Mesa Electronic GmbH?

The company-developer of products in the field of electronics, measurement and control technology, gas analysis, process engineering and infrared measurement technology. In addition, it carries out customer- specific orders, particularly in the area of measurement and control technology, as well as gas analysis for heat treatment, especially for carburizing, nitriding, dew point and oxygen control. 
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Electric furnaces БОРТЕК™ can be equipped from Mesa Electronic GmbH:






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