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Portable Sodium Hypochlorite Generator

Portable Sodium Hypochlorite Generator

Due to the urgent need for cheap and effective disinfecting solutions Bortek, Ltd. have developed a portable electrolysis unit that produces sodium hypochlorite at the site of its application.

Hypochlorite solution has antimicrobial activity, is effective against viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoa, destroys pathogens of infectious diseases, kills Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19)! It is the undisputed leader in the field of strong disinfecting chlorine-containing products, occupying 91% of the world market.

On the picture: Electrolysis Unit "Polum'ya" with a capacity of 0.15 kg of active chlorine / day, is designed to obtain sodium hypochlorite solution by electrolysis of sodium chloride solution (TU U 14307736.002-94).

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