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Electrolysis installation "Пламя-2" with productivity of 25 kg / day
Electrolysis installation "Пламя-2" with productivity of 25 kg / day

Бренд, торговая марка или название предприятия-производителя, под знаком которого изготовлен товар. «Собственное производство» означает, что товар изготовлен продавцом либо не сертифицирован.


Наличие гарантийных обязательств производителем, подтверждает отсутствие в изделии дефектов и принимает на себя обязатель­ства по обеспечению бесплатного ремонта и замены вышедших из строя элементов, без вины пользователя, на протяжении всего срока гарантии. В результате невозможности ремонта изделия, полная его замена без потери технических характеристик.

Product Code: 12

Маркировка — нанесение условных знаков, букв, цифр, графических знаков или надписей на объект, с целью его дальнейшей идентификации (узнавания), указания его свойств и характеристик.

Brand: Пламя

Страна в которой находится производство продукции.

Country of origin: Ukraine

Electrolysis installation "Пламя-2" with productivity of 25 kg / day

Block electrolysis equipment is intended for getting disinfecting agent - sodium hypochlorite - by electrolysis of salt and water solution. Equipment is connected to the water supply and can be used for drinking water disinfection, disinfection of water supply systems at water treatment stations for disinfection of water in the pool, disinfection of wastewater, including biologically treated. And also, the obtained pure sodium hypochlorite can be metered and stored in a separate container and further future use for disinfection, sterilization or bleaching.

Scope of supply: electrolyser with cassettes - 1 pc; Salt dissolver with flowmeter for water and salt solution - 1 set; gas separator - 1 unit (removal electrolysis gases outside the room); Power Supply - 1 piece; frame - 1 pc; Passport with instruction manual - 1 pc. According to the Customer is possible to install electrolysis equipment with the following equipment: installation of water softening productivity of 1 m³ / h (single or duplex), metering pump and storage tank for sodium hypochlorite solution.
Delivery terms: Production time 35 working days from the date of prepayment of 50%. Acceptance of manufactured products is carried out on the territory of the Contractor. Installing arrive to the Customer in finished form and installed by the Customer according to the instructions of the passport and the operating instructions. Shipment - by self after 100% payment or shipping by the carrier. Provides guarantee (for 12 months) and post-warranty service. 

If you are interested in our offer, we are ready to provide additional information and work on the complete set according to your list.

1 Approximate volume of disinfected water, m3 / day:
The groundwater
Surface water
2 Performance of equipment on active chlorine kg/day       
Specific costs of salt to 1 kg of active chlorine, kg ~ 4,2
Concentration of active chlorine in hypochlorite solution, g/l 
  Voltage at the electrolyzer, V 20 ±2
  Operating current electrolyzer, A 210 ±20
5 Power consumption, kW  ~ 0,45
6 Power supply 220 V, 50 Hz
7 Quantity of cassettes 2
8 Term of work the cartridge electrodes, years  up to 5
Overall dimensions, mm, ± 10%, width × depth × height
Salt dissolver dimensions, mm, diameter × height
Dimensions of Power unit, mm, width × depth × height
1500 × 600 × 1700
500 × 1300
500 × 600 × 1000
  Pressure of water, supplied to the Electrolysis equipment, MPa 0,2÷0,4
10 Mass of the equipment, kg 170
11 Number of attendants ** 1

Notes: * The power supply is set so as to exclude the possibility of contact with moisture.
** Constant maintenance is required.





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