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Filter for iron removal in water 34 m³/h

Бренд, торговая марка или название предприятия-производителя, под знаком которого изготовлен товар. «Собственное производство» означает, что товар изготовлен продавцом либо не сертифицирован.


Наличие гарантийных обязательств производителем, подтверждает отсутствие в изделии дефектов и принимает на себя обязатель­ства по обеспечению бесплатного ремонта и замены вышедших из строя элементов, без вины пользователя, на протяжении всего срока гарантии. В результате невозможности ремонта изделия, полная его замена без потери технических характеристик.

Product Code: 12

Маркировка — нанесение условных знаков, букв, цифр, графических знаков или надписей на объект, с целью его дальнейшей идентификации (узнавания), указания его свойств и характеристик.

Brand: Фильтр

Страна в которой находится производство продукции.

Country of origin: Ukraine

Filter for iron removal in water 34 m³/h

1 Material housing
Black Steel
Productivity, m3/h 34
Filter Diameter, mm
4 Filter height, mm  6500
5 Frequency of flushing After 1-2 days
6 Transportation Truck
7 Loading capacity of material for filtering, mm3 6,5
8 Mass of filter / filled filter, kg 5000 / 36000
9 Volume of the filter, m3 26
10 Ambient temperature from +5 to +35 °C
11 Pressure of the water is not more than 0,6 MPa`
12 Warming of the filter Basalt mats, galvanized steel

Degassing and iron removal filter drinking water consists of an aerator, metal housing, insulation fiber insulating mats, plastic outer covering, internal piping system containing stainless mesh and activated floating filling. 

The input water to be purified is supplied to the aerator, where the one hand degassing - removal of CO2, NH3, H2S, Rn, and on the other hand, the richness of its oxygen, whereupon water gets into contact filter, where the oxidation process iron Fe +2, dissolved in water, until an insoluble Fe +3, occurs directly with the activated filter is loaded granules. The resulting iron hydroxide is filtered from the active filling and periodically during the filter regeneration is discharged into the sewers. Purified water flows into the reservoir of self-flowing clean water. 

Aerating and degasser is equipped with windows for air and water spray. At the top of the aerator is equipped with a cover, through which carried out maintenance or repair. The filter is equipped with an emergency overflow. For work in the middle of the filter, the filter is equipped with an internal staircase and hatch. The middle section is a filter comprising a grating which holds a floating loading submerged manner and serves as a boundary distribution tank with clean water and for water purification. The holding grid is made for maintenance hatch through which replacing and replenishing floating filling.
Luc is under internal staircase. From the outside of the filter installed external staircase, and on the upper side of the filter there is a railing for security staff. All materials used in the manufacture of the filter are included in the "List of materials and reagents authorized by the Ministry of Health for use in the practice of drinking-water supply."



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