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Refractory Ceramic Fiber Blanket LYTX

Refractory Ceramic Fiber Blanket LYTX

Roll material of high temperature thermal insulation ceramic fiber. Ceramic Fiber Blanket LYTX is an excellent alternative to standard thermal insulation products. Combines high thermal stability and low thermal conductivity. Roll refractories for lining are the most versatile, flexible and resilient material, pliable in cutting and assembly. In the process of high-temperature operation, it does not emit toxic substances, does not corrode in chemical environments, and perfectly repels moisture.

Type: white fireproof mats, assembled in rolls and completely ready for use.

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Shipment: up to 3 working days, after 100% prepayment according to the company's details

Price: 2184,00 UAH / piece (including VAT).

•  manufacturing of modular blocks;
•  lining of industrial furnaces in metallurgy and mechanical engineering;
•  shutters of technological windows;
•  thermal insulation of the casting ladle body;
•  thermal insulation of boilers and gas ducts;
•  insulation of welded seams for stress relief;
•  high temperature gaskets;
•  seals for expansion joints;
•  thermal insulation of pipelines;
•  reusable insulation of steam and gas turbines;
•  fire safety of technical systems.
Specifications LYTX-312/1260  LYTX-512/1430
Density kg/m3 128
Maximum temperature, °С
1260 1430
Operating temperature of use, °С
Dimensions, mm 7200 х 610 х 25 7200 х 610 х 25
Chemical composition Al2O3 - 44 %
SiO2 - 55 %
Al2O3 - 38-40 %
SiO2 - 43-47 %
ZrO2 - 15-17 %
Coefficient of thermal conductivity  < 0,123 at 500°C < 0,153 at 500°C
Bending strength, MPa > 0,07 > 0,06
Heat capacity, J 1130 at 1000°C 1130 at 1000°C
Price (including VAT), UAH / piece  2184,00 3024,00

Refractory blanket LYTX is an irreplaceable material in industries related to high temperatures, heat treatment, thermal insulation, as well as in the production of furnaces and boilers of various types. They are made of mullite-silica fibers, which are produced by melting pure aluminum and silicon oxides in an electric furnace. For use at high temperatures, zirconium or chromium oxides are added to the refractory ceramic fiber blanket.

Properties and benefits:
•  the material is non-combustible;
•  does not contain asbestos;
•  thermal resistance;
•  chemical resistance
•  low thermal conductivity;
•  high tensile strength;
•  high elasticity and flexibility;
•  excellent sound absorption;
•  reduction of metal consumption of the lining structure;
•  manufacturability and ease of installation.

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