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Ammonia Gas Pressure Regulator 1 MPa

Ammonia Gas Pressure Regulator 1 MPa

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Working medium: Ammonia
Material: 304 stainless steel
Nominal flow: 15 m3/hour
Pressure regulation: 0-0,5 MPa
Pressure gauge: Input: 0-6 MPa
Pressure gauge: Output: 0-1 MPa
Inlet connection thread: G1/2
Outlet connection thread: M16x1.5
Manufacturer: China

Price: 24654,00 UAH (including VAT)
Shipment: up to 3 working days
after 100% prepayment according to the company details

Cylinder Ammonia Reducer (Gas Pressure Regulator) YQA-441 is designed to reduce the pressure of gaseous ammonia, and automatically maintain the specified operating pressure constant.


Packing: bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard
Size: 25х20х15 cm
Weight: 1.6 kg

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