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Refractory fiber boards LYTX

Refractory fiber boards LYTX

Refractory boards are presented in this category, which have different manufacturing technologies and compositions.

Ceramic fiber board LYTX is made from ceramic, mullite-silica fiber using organic and inorganic binders. Strong, rigid, refractory plate, well processed mechanically and by milling, has high elasticity and a wide range of operating temperatures and thickness, technological insulating material.
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Packing: polystyrene, corrugated cardboard

• thermal insulation of thermal furnaces;
• thermal compensation lining layers;
• thermal insulation materials for insulation;
• thermal insulation of gas ducts, chimneys;
• fire protection systems.
Specifications LYTX-264B/1260  LYTX-534B/1430
Density kg/m3 300
Maximum temperature, °С
1260 1430
Operating temperature of use, °С
Dimensions, mm 1200 х 1000 х 50 1200 х 1000 х 50
Chemical composition Al2O3 - 35-45 %
SiO2 - 52-62 %
Al2O3 - 38-40 %
SiO2 - 43-45 %
ZrO2 - 15-17 %
Coefficient of thermal conductivity  < 0,153 < 0,153
Bending strength, MPa > 0,2 > 0,2
Price (including VAT), UAH / piece  3240,00 6450,00
Milling cost Under the order / Specify the price Under the order / Specify the price


Plate ШПГТ-450 has a mullite-siliceous composition.
Density of quality boards: 450 kg/m3
Manufacturer: Bortek Ltd., Borispol city, Ukraine
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Shipment: up to 3 working days, if available in the warehouse, after 100% prepayment for the company details.
Terms are specified when making to order.
Packing: polystyrene, corrugated cardboard


Net dimentions, mm Price (including VAT), UAH / pcs Purpose
70х500х500  (± 10 мм)
100х500х500  (± 10 мм)
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