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Bell-type electric furnace СГЗ, СГО

Bell-type electric furnace СГЗ, СГО

Bell furnaces СГЗ with protective atmosphere for non-oxidizing annealing, which protects the metal from oxygen. Non-oxidizing heating in modern electric furnaces БОРТЕК® reduces the amount of metal waste and avoids the formation of scale on steel products. Bright annealing of nickel, copper alloy is produced in an atmosphere of dissociated ammonia, generator gas, etc. 

Explanation of markings:
with protective atmosphere СГЗ - X1.X2.X3 / T or СГЗ - X4.X3 / T 
with an oxidizing atmosphere СГО - X1.X2.X3 / T or СГО - X4.X3 / T  where is,    
С   – type of heating – the resistance electric furnace;
Г   – main constructive sign – bell-type;
З (О)   – atmosphere in the working space – protective atmosphere (oxidizing atmosphere);
[X1 - width. X2- length. X3 - height] or [X4 - diameter. X3 - height] - the size of the camera in decimeters (1 dm = 100 mm);
T – nominal temperature in hundreds of °C

Ltd. "Bortek" develop and manufactured electrothermal equipment for different purposes and constructions. Provides Repair, Parts Replacement and Maintenance of electric furnaces. And also, is accepting applications for Production of Optional Equipment
Please send your technical specifications for e-mail: bortek@ukr.net

Type   Maximum t, °С Size of workspace, mm Power, kW
Furnaces settings can be changed by additional agreement with the Customer
Bell furnaces with protective atmosphere СГЗ
СГЗ – 10.16/8,5   850  1000×1600 200
СГЗ – 10.20/8,5  
СГЗ – 17.30/8,5  
СГЗА – 30.20.10/11  
3000 × 2000 × 1000
Bell furnaces for steel carburizing СГЦМ
СГЦМ  – 13,5.15.3/10   1000 1350 × 1500 × 300 55

Control system

Temperature regulator ТРП-08-ТП
(by default) 

Electric oven operation is controlled by a digital temperature regulator type ТРП-08-ТП (by default), and ТРП-09-ТП.
Temperature regulator type ТРП-08-ТП (by default) allows You to set one-step heat treatment program.
Programmer temperature regulator type ТРП-09-ТП allows You to organize Input, Working off and Storing 5 independent programs; rise time (lowering) the temperature and time maintaining the temperature at each step (ramp function). Total of 16 steps.
All current programs and settings the device is stored in nonvolatile memory. Thermocouple brand ТХА is used as a temperature sensor. When ordering, You can set the temperature regulator with programmer (ТРП-09-ТП), which sets the heating program up to 12 temperature regimes, heating rate and the cages holding time.


Programmer temperature regulator ТРП-09-ТП

Electric furnace control system further provides:

•  Turning off the power of heaters when you open the door (physical open circuit);
•  Protection against short-circuit and longer overcurrent;
•  Protection from accidental overheating during incorrectly specified temperature;
•  electric furnace power units are managed by means of contactless semiconductor switches, that includes the maintenance of the power key and ensures quiet operation of the furnace.

Appearance of the complex electric furnace SGZ - 10.16/8,5 with three hearth

All furnaces are lined with modern fiber refractories, providing high technical characteristics.





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Bell-type furnace with protective atmosphere СГЗА-30.20.10/11
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Carburizing furnace СГЦМ-13,5.15.3/10
№ Specifications СГЦМ-13,5.15.3/10  1 Rated power, kW 55 ±5 2 Power supply 3×380 V, 50 Hz 3 Maximum temperature in the working space, ºС 1000 4 Range..
Bell-type electric furnace СГЗ-10.16/8,5
№ Specifications СГЗ-10.16/8,5 1 Rated power, kW 100 ±10 2 Power supply 3×380 W, 50 Hz 3 Maximum temperature in the working space, ºС 850 4 Range of autom..
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