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Elevator electric furnace СЕОА-11,5.11,5.45/6 И2 with fan

Бренд, торговая марка или название предприятия-производителя, под знаком которого изготовлен товар. «Собственное производство» означает, что товар изготовлен продавцом либо не сертифицирован.


Наличие гарантийных обязательств производителем, подтверждает отсутствие в изделии дефектов и принимает на себя обязатель­ства по обеспечению бесплатного ремонта и замены вышедших из строя элементов, без вины пользователя, на протяжении всего срока гарантии. В результате невозможности ремонта изделия, полная его замена без потери технических характеристик.

Product Code: 12

Маркировка — нанесение условных знаков, букв, цифр, графических знаков или надписей на объект, с целью его дальнейшей идентификации (узнавания), указания его свойств и характеристик.

Brand: СЭОА

Страна в которой находится производство продукции.

Country of origin: Ukraine

Elevator electric furnace СЕОА-11,5.11,5.45/6 И2 with fan

Electric furnace for tempering and hardening pipes of aluminum alloys (with the fast moving into the quenching bath). 

    Electric furnace system is equipped with:
•   automatic temperature control on the basis of solid-state relays and contactless microprocessor-based temperature controllers, allowing to set the temperature, time, set the temperature and time of exposure cages at the same temperature;
•   heaters (heating elements in stainless shell) placed in the side walls of the furnace;
•   moving mechanism cages - actuator mounted on the upper side of the furnace;
•   circulating fan for even heating cages. The circulation of air is carried out in a vertical plane along the axis of the tube;
•   the furnace is lined with modern energy-saving thermal insulation materials providing low thermal capacity of the furnace and low energy losses;
•   placement control - outdoor, cable length is consistent separately

СЕОА-11,5.11,5.45/6 И2
1 Rated power, (three heating zones), kW
150 ±5
Power supply 3×380 ±19 W,50 Hz
Maximum temperature in the workspace, not more than, ºС
4 Range of automatic temperature control, ºС 40...600
5 Dimensions of working space, length × width × height, mm 1150 × 1150 × 4500
6 Temperature distribution on the furnace chamber in a steady thermal conditions, without cages, ºС ± 5
7 Stability of maintain the temperature at steady thermal conditions, without cages, not worse, ºС ± 3
8 Type of temperature regulator / Type of thermocouple  ТРП-08-ТП (by default) / THA
9 Operating temperature used for tempering aluminum and its alloys, max, ºС 550
10 The weight of the pallet (prospective), kg 700
11 Dimensions of processed tubes, (diameter × length), mm 80 × 3600
12 Weight of cages (Al), not more than, kg 1000
13 The immersion time of cages into the water, sec 10 ±2

Under the furnace floor must be a recess, which accommodate traveling quenching bath container and pipe laying before quenching and tempering after extraction.
Description of the furnace. Elevatornaya electric furnace - furnace with a movable flap at the lower side of the heating chamber. Hearth furnace side (valve) can be opened for loading / unloading goods in the oven.
Product heat treatment furnace installed under a perforated feed container and by an electric power rise in the oven and then the damper is closed. The design of the perforated container in agreement with the customer, and is made of heat-resistant steel. After the release of the cage is removed from the furnace in reverse order. For carrying out a hardening furnace installed quench bath. The flap opens the electric furnace and cages moves into the quenching bath. This arrangement provides a rapid movement of the articles from the furnace into the quench bath.

Diagram of the oven attached. To service the furnace (access to the heaters, the mechanism of recovery cages and circulation fan) is supposed to use a mobile ladder (in not included).

The package includes the furnace passport and operating instructions in electric furnace and temperature controllers and one set of spare heaters. Also available trolley to move the quench bath and loading of the container and the cooling tower. Overpass, quench bath, the circulation pump and piping system of cooling water not supplied.


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