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Vacuum furnace СНВ-5,5.8/7 Vacuum furnace СНВ-5,5.8/7
Vacuum furnace СНВ-5,5.8/7

Бренд, торговая марка или название предприятия-производителя, под знаком которого изготовлен товар. «Собственное производство» означает, что товар изготовлен продавцом либо не сертифицирован.


Наличие гарантийных обязательств производителем, подтверждает отсутствие в изделии дефектов и принимает на себя обязатель­ства по обеспечению бесплатного ремонта и замены вышедших из строя элементов, без вины пользователя, на протяжении всего срока гарантии. В результате невозможности ремонта изделия, полная его замена без потери технических характеристик.

Product Code: 12

Маркировка — нанесение условных знаков, букв, цифр, графических знаков или надписей на объект, с целью его дальнейшей идентификации (узнавания), указания его свойств и характеристик.

Brand: СНВ

Страна в которой находится производство продукции.

Country of origin: Ukraine

Vacuum furnace СНВ-5,5.8/7

1 Rated power, kW
Power supply 3×380 V, 50 Hz
Maximum temperature in the working space, ºС
4 Range of automatic temperature control, ºС 40...700
5 Dimensions of working space, diameter × height, mm 550 × 800
6 Residual pressure in the muffle, after vacuuming, mm Hg. Art. 1÷3×10-1
7 Stability of maintain the temperature at steady thermal conditions, without cages, °C, not less than ± 3
8 Out time to oven without cages on nominal temperature, minutes  50 ±10%
9 Maximum excess pressure in muffle, kgf/см² + 0,2


Electric furnace chamber muffle СНВ-5,5.8/7 for vacuum-gas heat treatment product to a temperature of 700 °C is equipped with an automatic temperature control on the basis of solid-state non-contact relays and a microprocessor temperature control, allows you to set the temperature, time to treatment and time spent on the mode (up to 12 steps "heating-shelf" ). The thermoregulator has access to a computer using the interface and software for recording and archiving of heat treatment processes.

Modern energy-saving furnace lined with refractory and insulating materials. The furnace has a sealed cylindrical muffle 08Cr18Ni10Ti of heat resistant steel, a thickness of 10 mm with ribs. The door of the furnace has a thermal insulation, screw terminals and is opened by turning the console. Sealing of the door is carried out using a vacuum rubber seal using water cooling. Wire heaters (spiral of superfehrali) placed on the tubes on all outer sides of the muffle. Vacuum is created in a retort with a vacuum pump and a vacuum gauge is monitored. There is a inlet nozzle for the muffle robochem gases: nitrogen, argon, and air. Gas inlet controlled by rotameters.

On the highway direct inert gas supply is shut-off valve, and dosing the gas supply line installed consumable valve and flowmeter. The package includes the furnace passport and operating instructions in electric furnace and thermostat, and one spare heating element, sealing gum on the door, stand with a vacuum system and control panel with sleeves and gas hoses. 

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Pushkaruk Natalia Vladimirovna 

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