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Pit furnace for gas nitriding СШАМ-6.35/7
Pit furnace for gas nitriding СШАМ-6.35/7

Бренд, торговая марка или название предприятия-производителя, под знаком которого изготовлен товар. «Собственное производство» означает, что товар изготовлен продавцом либо не сертифицирован.


Наличие гарантийных обязательств производителем, подтверждает отсутствие в изделии дефектов и принимает на себя обязатель­ства по обеспечению бесплатного ремонта и замены вышедших из строя элементов, без вины пользователя, на протяжении всего срока гарантии. В результате невозможности ремонта изделия, полная его замена без потери технических характеристик.

Product Code: 12

Маркировка — нанесение условных знаков, букв, цифр, графических знаков или надписей на объект, с целью его дальнейшей идентификации (узнавания), указания его свойств и характеристик.

Brand: СШАМ

Страна в которой находится производство продукции.

Country of origin: Ukraine

Pit furnace for gas nitriding СШАМ-6.35/7

1 Rated power, kW
100 ±5
Power supply 3×380 W, 50 Hz
Maximum temperature in the workspace, not more than, ºС
4 Range of automatic temperature control, ºС 100...700
5 Dimensions of working space, length × width × height, mm 600 × 3500
6 Stability of maintain the temperature at steady thermal conditions, without cages, not worse, ºС ± 2
7 Type of thermocouple THA
8 Heaters Superfehral
9 Atmosphere in the workspace Air, environment for nitriding
10 Temperature distribution on the furnace chamber in a steady thermal conditions, without cages, ºС ± 4

The electric furnace is designed for the high holidays and catalytic gas nitriding.

Background: The products subject to heat treatment in the furnace - the type of workpiece shaft, rod, Ø200 × 3000 mm, up to 800 kg. The electric furnace system is equipped with automatic temperature control on the basis of solid-state relays and controllers contactless. Remote control cabinet, outdoor cable loop 5 m. The sealing of furnace working space is carried out with the help muffle with heat-resistant steel, 8 mm thick, as well as asbestos and thermal shutters. Sealing of the output shaft of the fan is carried out by means of the oil and thermal shutters. 

Disposal of the waste gas is carried out using a water trap and combustion exhaust gas at the candles (in agreement with the customer). It provides the ability to maintain, in the workspace electric, excessive gas pressure <500 Pa. 

For the organization of the circulation of the furnace atmosphere inside the processing chamber is installed a removable cylindrical screen made of heat-resistant steel. Screen Size: Ø500 mm, H = 3400 mm. Also in an oven there is a spider hanging cages weighing up to 800 kg (construction agree). The furnace is lined with modern energy-saving thermal insulation and fire-resistant materials and designed for industrial use in the heat treatment of metals and others. Cover the electric furnace is raised and allocated to the swing arm to the side. Are supply and exhaust (with stopper) air vents to control the rate of cooling ponds.

In the furnace lid has a cell with a catalyst for the dissociation of ammonia. Furnace gas is supplied to the controller-analyzer «H2 Smart - Hydrogen analyzer», which is designed to control the technological parameters of the nitriding process. Gas-hour working gas supplies through the control valves and flow meters in the oven. Served purified ammonia oxidizer (water, possibly air). Also provided by the supply of nitrogen to purge the furnace prior to and after the process. The furnace can be transported by road (the furnace body is made of two sections, the retort and the screen loaded separately).


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